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Showing of Human Rights Film on 4 April (Kathmandu)

Although its Easter and some of you may be out of town... please join me, via my Activity Group, Culture and Entertainment, on Thursday 4 April, to a showing of the human rights film Maina. Details are below... details of the meeting place etc can be found under the Activity Groups section of the Internations website.

“There are more than 1,200 documented cases of disappearances by the state and the insurgents in Nepal. There are many more which were never reported. At a time when the peace process is moving forward, one may argue that this is a time for reconciliation, to let bygones be bygones.

But Maina shows us in painful detail that the war is never over for the relatives of the victims-especially the disappeared and the wounded. For closure they need the truth about what happened to their relatives, they need compensation and they need justice.

Maina Sunar's case got attention because of the struggle that one woman, Maina's mother Debi, launched to find out what had happened to her daughter. Her single-handed fight for justice when she found out Maina had been tortured and murdered got full media attention.”

This film was first show in Protected content it is still valid today. This is part of the Human Rights Film Focus event and further info can be found on Protected content .

As in keeping with Internations format, please advise me if you are attending so I can reserve seating for Internations members. Hope to see you then.

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