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Update on Contributions to Flood Victims (Kathmandu)

Dear everyone who donated!

We raised Rs11,000 at the last Internations event plus around 30 kg of clothes for the flood victims in Dharchula District.

Today I met with the woman who is heading the drive to get goods to those most in need. We talked on the phone with the Chief District Officer who said he would personally supervise the distribution of goods to victims. Now the question is how to get it down to Dhanghadi from where he can organise it being uplifted by the army. There is a TV channel who are interested in helping in this, and thus get a good story from it! I will keep you posted but if you have any ideas or contacts in Dhanghadi/ with airlines etc please let me know asap.

Meantime, the funds are going to be utilized mainly in buying clothes for women and children. These will be sorted into bundles for individuals. We thought if cash was sent down, it would be men who would receive this, with the resulting cultural implications for women.

As I said, I will keep you posted on developments!

Thank you all once again!!!!

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