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Expat Life in Kazakhstan - A Local's View

In this article series, our local reporter Anvar puts a humorous spin on his musings and views on the daily lives of expats and locals in Kazakhstan's former capital Almaty (and beyond).

On Dogs and Men

Think of how lucky a dog might get. Imagine a puppy born into a homeless stray dog family in a developing country with an acute continental climate. And then a miracle happens. A dog gets adopted by a foreigner. Life changes dramatically. In my view, something like that happening to a stray dog is like for a westerner to be suddenly freed from any taxes for the rest of his/her life. Not too shabby.

Surviving the Winter in Almaty

Basically there are two main root causes of winter injuries in Almaty. It is either you doing something stupid, or somebody else doing something stupid. Of course there are low temperatures, shorter days, heavily polluted air, seasonal depression, and other unexpected pleasures, but let’s admit it – what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, or…injured.

Our contributor Anvar Nizamov is a local of Kazakhstan’s former capital Almaty and works as a Russian-English translator.

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