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Introduction (Khartoum)

Well thought I should introduce myself before I get a bit too carried away on here.

My name is Joe (as the name to the right suggests ;) ) and I'm 27 years old, born and raised "mostly" in England. My family and I had a brief stint in Baltimore back when I was Protected content old. I arrived in Khartoum last July with the intention of learning Arabic. That's not exactly going as well as I hoped! I briefly taught english at an Academy before leaving as I had a number of issues with both the methods of the Academy and my ability as a person (I'm really not good at standing at the front of a class).

Right now I'm currently learning Arabic 5 days a week and as previously stated, it doesn't click with me as well as people expected it to. I live with my grandfather who is Sudanese and we have family local to us in Bahri.

I think the best way to describe me is Introverted, and I've also learnt upon being here that I don't really like change. I'll be honest, I find it incredibly hard to live here. I'm looking for something, anything that I can find that I can relate to back in England. I've done Solitaire, Ozone, and Spectre and whilst they're decent, it's not exactly the same as meeting friends there. I know a few people from my time when I was teaching but other than that, I'm pretty much left with my 92 year old grandfather.

I might also add that I love photography, and history. I've been to the museums along Nile Street (I was also one of the pesky photographers up next to the stage at the Archeology Festival when The Resonators were playing).

That concludes my negative sales speech ;)

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