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Any "Group Leaders" in this community? (Kiev)

I have recently met a few interesting people on my travels that were doing a job I've always wanted to have... so I'm in the process of researching whether its worth starting a business of doing just that: escorted tours in Ukraine for foreigners from around the world.

I'm currently in New Zealand and while Ukraine isn't at the very top of everyone's travel list, nor would I think I can charter a plane for a large group of people to visit, I'm sure IF I can organize a detailed tour of-the-beaten-path in a part of Eastern Europe that feels untouched and quite exotic to people, they would pay their hard earned cash for such an opportunity. I lived in Singapore for half a year and I know from chatting with people that they do find Eastern Europe exotic, many though choose Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria as they're easier to get around and more people speak English.

Well by organizing only a small group at a time I'm sure I can provide a real authentic experience without the hassles they would encounter on their own. Local travel agency contacts and support would probably be crucial, but that's new business for them that I'm sure they'd be happy to get. And there's a lot of cool stuff to see in Ukraine that tourists would love.

Has anyone done anything similar? Any experiences or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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