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Disappointed (Kiev)

I was quite disappointed to see that the lectures planned by Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe in Kyiv were being advertised by InterNations.

Mr. Rossolinski-Liebe is an avowed Ukrainophobe who espouses a view that is denigrating to the Ukrainian people and to Ukraine. A mere graduate student, he serves as a pseudo-academic "hit-man" for those who harbor enmity towards Ukrainians, by promoting the view that the struggle of the Ukrainian people for liberation, for freedom and for independence is somehow inextricably linked to Nazism. Since this is a ridiculous view that no rational individual could countenance, much less an academic, Mr. Grzegorz Rossolinski masks his anti-Ukrainian sentiment as much as he can by concentrating exclusively on the atrocities which were committed by Ukrainians, ignoring their exceptionalism, the general tolerance and inclusiveness of the Ukrainian independence movement.

This is no scholar and no academic, rather a blind propagandist who should not be given a stage to promote his marginal views.

Shame on you, InterNations.

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