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English Teacher To Children (Kiev)

English school for children is looking for experienced native speakers American, British, Canadian, Australian to teach English to children at the age from 2 to 12.

Your experience in teaching to children will be a great advantage, even though we consider fresh starters, too.

The successful applicant must get along with children well and be willing to communicate and teach in a playful, seamless way with the use of games, songs and flashcards.

The salary is competitive and you'll guaranteed have a wealth of positive energy from your little students and their parents.
For a well-doing teacher the job can be lucrative.

It can be a well-paid part-time or a full-time job.

The responsibilities of a teacher include

— preparing to the lessons;

— conducting the lessons;

— participating in trainings (once in a couple of months or otherwise as the case might be)


A competitive salary, teaching support, the opportunity to be flexible on your schedule and undying experience working with kids.

You can work part time or full time.

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How do you know whether you are cut to be a good teacher to children?
You are a good fit for the job if:
You like children;
You don't mind spending time with children and even find joy in it;
You had experience with your sibling(s) and feel confident in the presence of children;

A teacher to children is the one who:

- can use games in the lesson (for example, memory game and the like)

- can mime (mock, act like) animals, other people (children extremely like miming and this is the best way for them to perceive the information - by acting, pretending and watching others acting and pretending)

- uses his/her emotions to keep child's attention (look how people,who speak to children, act - every minute their face is expressing emotions - from surprise, fear, disappointment to happiness, doubt, excitement etc. Children communicate through emotions, body language, face expression - your face expression will tell them more than all your words. So a teacher to children is aware of this and supports the words he/she is teaching with facial expression, body language, voice tone)

- ideally - knows some rhymes (Bears, bears, everywhere! Bears climbing up the stairs, Bears climbing down the stairs) or (Ears are listening, eyes are watching, mouth is quiet, keep hands to ourselves). Teacher says all this with relevant body language: pretending a bear climbing up and down the stairs, showing ears listening and mouth quiet and so on

- knows how to reward a child (we will help with this) - which, in fact, must be a Number 1 skill, as the teacher who knows and remembers always to reward a child is the most successful.

Best regards,
The Administration of EnglishKid
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