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Getting Your Social Security in Ukraine (Kiev)

To maintain one's continuity of receiving your Social Security Retirement in Ukraine, there is a stipulation by U.S. law, that U.S. citizen MUST physically show up at the U.S. Consular Section EVERY MONTH to re-verify eligibility. I'm told by one of the U.S. Consular Officers "The reason Ukraine is a restricted country has to do, in large part, with the inability to work effectively and securely with the Ukrainian banking system, rampant fraud and other financial matters. This holds true for most of the former Soviet republics. I am told that SSA, IRS and the two governments have been working for years on these issues, but, unfortunately for now, this is the situation beneficiaries in Ukraine are faced with."

Any other Social Security recipients found a way around this either by Congressional action or getting a special waver. Please be in touch if you have suggestions and thanks. Mike Lynn Protected content

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