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God help the people in Ukraine. (Kiev)


Most likely there will be a new Maiden in Kiev when the IMF gets the gov. in Kiev by the neck with reforms. Instead of helping the people the "Rabbit" as I read is his nickname( psychotic Prime Minister), is still unable to take correct messures due to the oligarchy. A British paper "The Telegraph" as I DO NOT believe the U.S. controlled media ,CNN, Fox. stated there are 13 different bandera factions, and maybe the CIA had the man shot in Moscow, "it is possible, and they WILL do it !"They are not better than any KGB. Also the gas price for heating will rise 500% over the next 2 years, which MAY be what Germans pay, I do not know. I wish I had good news to report, except the winter has been mild there, it has been horrible in the U.S. the last month.

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