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Intro, English/French used book store, and gyms (Kiev)


Hello all, I am brand new to the forum, and have only arrived to Kiev yesterday!

I was wondering if anyone new of a place that sold used books in either French or English, or, since I doubt such a place exists in the first place, simply any bookstore that specializes in books in either of those languages.

Also, since I just arrived, I suppose I should make a brief introduction. I am a 26 year old Canadian from Montreal. I've lived there, studied in Barcelona, worked in Vienna, and now pursuing the adventure called life in Kiev! I am nerdy and sporty, love the outdoors and love to discuss cooking, I like even more actually cooking, and most of all, to eat the result :)

Oh, I know this post is kind of rambling, but I just thought of this as well... I am looking for a weightlifting studio. My standards are not high, I just need a place that is open early and has free weights. Everything else is a pleasant extra. Any recommendations?

Feel free to write me a private message if you want to meet up for activities or to meet me and my girlfriend,


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