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Joy & Confidence in Making new friends!!! (Kiev)

Very good day to everyone! I have a feeling to make everybody's day starting from now!
I have found in Forum that there are so many Expats in doubt of the easiest way of starting making good friends here in Kiev. So here comes the Answer: it came from my heart which I always listen to :).

I sincere wish to offer you a way of getting together in a atmosphere of joy and confidence. Consequently here comes questions of every Expat time, place and availability; besides the Motivation to get together plays a foremost role.
What could be a better motivation than joining a group class at particular time and days at the center of Kiev?
I would like to make a new group of Expats who wishes to come with their spouses to explore themselves and founding new bounding between couple and with new friends.
I am a Yoga Master who has just come to Kiev from India conducting classical Hatha Yoga sessions with sportsmen, kids, corporate and common people.
It is where I found myself and feel truly happy.

Please, let me know when would you like to join a group of 15 people or more. Classes are in English language and with professional care of each individual. Safety and Joy are my priorities and form the basis of my approach.
I can offer sessions twice a week at yoga studio already operating many years at Mihaylovska Street (Maydan Nezalezhnosti) at morning or evening time.

Currently one of my group is starting this coming Tuesday, February the 5th. Time- 20:30, Venue- Mihaylovska Street, 12 B.

My mobile number is Protected content . As I am a graduate of PG in Yoga Therapy, I would appreciate if you calling me for registration in advance where we can discuss in details each individual's medical condition and ability to join the specific group.

Will be happy if you come for trial class taking this opportunity and then decide whether to join this group or forming a new group with other time and days preferred. There is only one requirement is to bring your sport cloths you feel comfortable in. You do not need any previous yoga practice.

Please, see below my story which emphasize my commitment to make people happy:

Anna Bandurko. Anna started practicing Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga since she has met her Guru in Protected content Fedorich,-Professor, Doctor of Science, World Cosmohumanistic League of Nations, Oxford Educatinal Network.
Being truly a person acquiring knowledge, she has obtained numerous degrees and has accomplished trainings, courses, master classes and seminars while her occupation as a Project Manager at Airlines and Assisting Administration; besides her comprehension was a true asset in Sales at Hyatt & Hilton. After tremendous exploration, combined with pure virtues, she was longing for a twist, new dimension, which soon has exposed within.

It has happened in Protected content she has started an Intensive course in Yoga of 4 months duration at Higher Learning in Yogic Science and Research, SVYASA, Bangalore, consequently Research Institute has offered Anna to measure different components as delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma featuring a memory status. After 30 days upon Anna’s certification as a Yoga Instructor, she has obtained great results; according to the data research it has increased to 33 %. Eventually she has truly devoted her time to Yogic Science and her goal of dedicating time to yoga based on her own experience started its formation on behalf of facilitating workshops and projects in yoga for tribal children and yoga for schools; besides it has been transformed to a crystal clear wish, sincere wish to support the process of learning by children. She wants to continue expanding herself within investigation of teen agers behavior and put all her efforts and passion into creation of individual life path of each single child.

Anna has been travelling and teaching in Eastern & Western Europe as well as in Asia with her structured aim to deliver true wealth of knowledge specific to Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian philosophies. This aim has linked her to International Hospital “Arogyadhama” where she has been conducting classes along with counseling in Stress management, Nutrition & Indian Scriptures (Vedanta).
Having formed such an integrative holistic basis, Anna’s approach is to accept the performance of Highest
Will, because all together the mind, heart and soul, and strength every day find high evidence for the existence and expansion of a Higher Power. Her consciousness permits her to be firm in her faith and provide expanding motivation for activity without hesitation or doubt, fill the heart with joy and
tranquility, provide opportunities for learning of the real meaning of life.

She is a graduate with PG in Yoga Therapy, SVYASA, INDIA and is certified Yoga Master with Yoga Alliance (RYT Protected content , CANADA.
As an avid sport enthusiast she has been applying Yoga for sport-performance enhancement and recovery from injuries (yoga studios, golf players at International Golf Center, India).

Currently Anna is conducting workshops for yoga teachers to train skilled budding yoga instructors and facilitating yoga programs for Corporations.

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