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Kazantip (Kiev)

We invite you to Kazantip Protected content summer in Ukraine for the 21st this unique and original event. Kazantip takes place in the village of Popovka in the Crimea, in the south of Ukraine near the Black Sea. Kazantip Protected content an ideal destination for summer vacation, it is definitely the craziest, hottest and funkiest event of this summer!

Official schedule of Kazantip Protected content

• 31 of July is the opening of the territory. You can start your holiday earlier, on July 28 and spend couple more days in Evpatoria, clubbing capital of Crimea, just near Kazantip Protected content by car)

• weekend from 03.08 to 04.08 Inauguration party of Kazantip Protected content .

• 10/08 Great Closing party Protected content the closing of kazantip!)

• from 11 to 15 August after-party on the territory of kazantip.

BE THE ONE YOU WANNA BE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY is an indispensable constitutional right of a citizen of the Republic of Kazantip.

FROM THE ONE YOU ARE TO THE ONE YOU COULD BE is a constitutional duty.

Every year at the end of July people drop everything, go on vacation, leave their jobs, send everything to hell and go to a place, where they look at magic sunrises or glorious sunsets, to the place of light and music, where dreams come true, where smiles are given for no reason, where moments of love, warmth and freedom make them happy and where the sky, the sun and the sea tell them again and again – hello, the GREAT NATION!

The Kazantip in Ukraine is a state with the highest density of happy people per square foot and with the lowest content of assholes % per capita. The indigenous population of the Republic is funny and tanned idlers for whom everything is orange and as kazantip. Besides, Great Kazantip people are annually replenished by huge multinational army of emigrants in search of Happiness, which by turn receive the political asylum.

More should be said about costumes what the Great Nation wears. Here you can see girls with crazy hairstyles, in dresses with holes, or in too lightweight or bright costumes and boys in variegated garments. Moreover there are many lookalikes of famous movie characters as Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, The Joker, Lilu Dallas etc. Many people wear costumes of orange, yellow and black colours – the most favorite colours at Kazantip. At closing party you can see many girls in foil costumes whose purpose is to resemble an alien. So the more shocking you are the more you express yourself.

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