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Moving to kiev. (Kiev)

Hi everybody

This will be probably asked already a lot of time so I'm sorry to ask it. I have been reading alot of forums lately as I want to move to Kiev on how to actually do it.
I only have a touristvisum witch allow me to stay here 90 days in 180days, it seems a bit less as you need to integrate. So yes I'm looking for something longer. I wrote to the urkainian embassy in Brussel but they say you can't get the long term visum anymore and they redirect me to the ukrainian site, witch I can't read as I'm not learing the language yet. I still have to go to Belgium now and then so I can't really start doing something here.

But I have a girlfriend here so that's one of my main reasons to be a bit more here. And yes that was one of my other options aswell to marry a woman here inorder to obtain quicker a visum. But we will marry maybe next year in Protected content .

So my question to you all is how can I obtain a long term visum?
Or maybe an immigration visum, i have read that aswell somewhere, but with that visum I don't find a period of how long it is validate.
Furthermore I was interested in knowing how the marriagecontracts work.
I don't want to get burned when the marriage fails.

Sorry for the sloppy writing.
Kind Regards
Frédéric Loodts

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