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Need a partner for an English teaching business (Kiev)

Hi, Everyone!

I am currently working on an english teaching program for teaching in a classroom environment ( Protected content ). The program i am working on is not just some program. From a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis point of view i anticipate it to be quite the success.

It's very difficult to describe this program in a few paragraphs without making it sound too nerdy, so if you're interested, please call me Protected content home number: Protected content i will gladly explain it in full detail. Here I'll just mention one interesting aspect of it. It uses media examples (taken from TV shows, movies, comedy sketches, songs, etc.) - video clips that are a couple of seconds long - to illustrate EVERY grammatical situation.

I am no 'newbie' in this type of work. I've already written a 96-page book designed to allow someone to learn English in the fastest and most efficient way possible. BUT... At this point I am completely burned out and have realized that i am absolutely terrible in regard to working alone.

I need someone that is as excited and positive about this project as i am, and whom i can work together with for a week (2 maximum) to flesh out the program. There are no questions of HOW - i know exactly how to do all of it. It's just a motivational thing for me at this point - that's why a need a partner.

I would offer my partner 50% of this specific business! We cut out the middle man (i.e. the various english teaching companies) and only have to pay for renting a classroom. I provide the super-effective method, together we complete the remaining "grunt work", you then can teach your own class and everything you make is yours (minus small expenses like classroom rent, refreshments for the students, etc) - although i would still definitely want to work as a team.

Who I'm looking for:
- Someone very positive and with high integrity. I can't emphasize this point enough. I am not looking for motivation purely through feeling responsible for somebody else, but through feeling excited to work with someone because they are very positive about the whole thing.
- A native speaker (or at least very, very good english if you're not a native speaker)
- It's definitely a plus (but not neccessary with this particular project) if you're proficient with IT, programming, etc (because I'm not). My long term goal with this is to create a language app.

If you're interested, you probably have a million questions. I'm definitely not covering all of them here, because i tried to keep it short, so please call me and i'll gladly answer any question.

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