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senior penetration tester job (Kiev)

please contact me if you have interest in the following job or know anybody else please forward them the job

A succesfull candidate should posess a deep understanding of both information security
and computer science.

They should understand the basic concepts such as networking, applications, operating system functionality and be
able to learn advanced concepts such as application manipulation & exploit development.

You will be faced with complex problem solving opportunites and hands-on testing opportunites
on a daily basis.

We help our clients protect their most sensitive and valuable data through comprehensive, real world testing scenarios.

- Perform penetration testing, source code review and blackbox assessment of hardware devices.
- Develop comprehensive and accurate report of your findings for a technical audience.
- Effectively communicate findings to stakeholders including technical staff and executive leadership.

- Good amount of experience with tools such as IDA Pro, Fuzzing Frameworks and GDB
- Networking and associated protocol knowledge and demonstratable experience
- Familiarity with ARM, x86 and various assembly languages
- Hands on experience in reverse engineering and vulnerability research in a previous position.
- Software development skills for the analysis of source code and production of Proof of Concept.

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