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Welcome to the Internations new Travel Lovers club (Kiev)


Dear Friends
I would like to Heartily Welcome you to the one more interesting Rendezvous in
Internations Kiev community "Kiev Tours & Travel" . Place for Travel lovers.
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This group is solely indicated the opinion and experience of people travelling to
different places and culture . In this Group cum club you can share your
experience with different culture and places you have been and help to other
member's who may have wish to visit those places and who like to go to those
In this Group cum club you can ask and post your questions regarding travel or
regarding place you wish to go and can ask for the tips to other member's . To
make your vacation joyful and safe this is always necessary to consider what to do and what not to do on new places. So, this group cum club will help you to manage your safety or stay peaceful and you can enjoy , explore the places without anyissues and problems.
This Group cum Club will help to keep aware about the culture and traditions of
the places you desires or going to visit. and If locals of those places or those
who been there who is existing members's in this group is there so he/she will
also help you and recommend you places and guide you better about country
,festivals , famous food courts , etc etc. So , that you can save your time and
money both.
This Group cum club is not linked to any travel organisation or commercial
activity , this is place of advice n guide of traveler to traveler. In this Group
there will be regular meetings of member's where you will be welcomes with good
cheers of glasses and hot discussions and some activities related to travel and
lot of advantages you will get like
1- Make new friends around the world
2- Awareness about places before visit there.
3- Interesting facts about places
4- Things to consider while travelling i.e. what to do or what not to do
5- Help in making arrangements in less time
6- Get special recommendation which can save your time n money
7- Make your trip fantastic and safe

Despite of that this group will also gonna arrange or plan excursion with experts
to some interesting places which you can enjoy with great company and can see the world with more interesting way.** excursion is subjected to member's interest
only which will plan only in meetings.
And if you think you have limited finance but you want have wonderful during
travel to different place so , here you can find and get special tips and
suggestions about convenience and utilities. It will help you to make your stay
value for money.
** Any suggestions here is strictly not subjected to commercial promotion or not
related to business activity.

Request and Suggestion
1- please do not post here any promotional commercial advertisement regarding
travel related to any business doing is against the rules.

Famous quote about travelling.
'To often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the
conversation.'- Elizabeth Drew

We wish you a Happy and great journey ahead.,

Warm Regards
Hitesh Bansal
Activity Group Consul

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