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Looking for ~environmentally-themed~ everything :) (Kigali)

Hello! :D

I am arriving in Kigali on Sunday and will be staying for three weeks. I'm travelling because of a project I am doing on environmental agency for peace, so I am looking for some ~environmental~ recommendations or information...

- Where are your favourite outdoor/nature places in/around the city?

- Is it true the city closes every Saturday for a couple of hours for everyone to go outside and clean the streets?

- Are there any cool/interesting environmental projects or initiatives
happening in the city that you know about that I would be able to look up?

I appreciate anything anyone has to say! Even if it's not about the environment because I really want to see as much of the local life as possible while I am there. :)

Thanks! Hope you have a great day!

(I've never done anything like InterNations before, so I hope this is okay that I am asking this here!)

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