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Thank you Joanna Ransier (Kigali)


Thank you so much Joanna for such a nice time we had yesterday.

We met at Aderdin House around 4pm and enjoyed time ,meeting 2 more ladies from USA and 2 local Rwadnees.

She is a great netwoker and knows so many people around the town. It was such a great start within 4th day of arrival into this wonderfull country, all credit to her to introduce me to so many people .

We did some club hopping till 4am with her and we had great time.

To fellow memebrs..

I have just shifted to East Africa and I am based out of Kigali and I keep shuttling between Kigali and kampala for work.

Kigali is such a nice place to see, its hills and hills and so lovely people and safer, I am able to walk the streets even in nights 1am..

Lets connect and meet at Kampala/ Kigali

I am open net worker and likes travelling. Do connect with me if you like travellings. I have travelled a long list of countries, I can suggest few tips to save money and travel safe.

cheers /rajesh

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