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Canadian standard health care in Kinshasa

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nurin Jivani and I was wondering how all of you are going about in terms of your healthcare. I am a Canadian, but an American trained pediatrician and so I am EXTREMEMLY picky and also paranoid in terms of medicine in a developing country (cleanliness, use of gloves etc). There is a new clinic in town in Gombe at the Future Tower called Centre Medical Diamant. It is extremely clean and has the latest equipment that even we're a bit behind in New York. I was very very impressed. How do most of you go about getting insurance? Are there international companies that you are insured with that give you the option of going anywhere? How would I obtain this insurance for myself? Any recommendations?



PS- Also after having visited a few clinics, I'd really urge you all to check this place out. I can honestly say, it's cleaner than the pediatric centre I work at in New York City.

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