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Suggestions for Events? What would you like to do? (Kobe)

Well, we have been meeting for almost 1 year and I think it has gone really well. There have been a lot of great people and great opportunities to chat and get to know each other.

Looking forward to this next year of get-togethers-- I need your input.

I would love to have some discussion about ideas and suggestions on where we can hold events and what we can do.

In the past my idea has been to:
1. Make it easy to "drop by" (esp. for newcomers) and not have to attend the whole time
2. Each person pays for their own food and drink on their own tab or pays right away
3.There is no table, "party" or cover charge/fee
4. The location is near the major trains stations

I think 1 and 2 are good to keep but I think depending on how people feel 3 and 4 are not always a "must".

Well? What do you think? (Let's see if we can get an active discussion going!!!)


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