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Concert - Maryna C - poetry of Marina Cwietajewa (Kraków)

I'd like to invite you all for another great concert at Czuly Barbarzyńca. On Saturday, 12th of October at 20.00 we will be able to hear Marina Cwietajewa's poetry in the modern, musical version.
Maryna C. is a warsawian band formed of Paulina Kinaszewska - actress, singer, violinist; Bartłomiej Woźniak - composer, guitarist and Hipolit Woźniak - composer, multiinstrumentalist. The band will perform Marina Cwietajewa's poems with their own alternative/folk/blues/music.

You can hear their music here:
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The tickets ( special prize 15 zł for Internation's members) are available in Czuly Barbarzyńca.

You are all welcome!
Czuły Barbarzyńca invites and recommends.

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