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Documents for work permit in Poland (Kraków)

Hi, I am a new member to this forum, and I will keep my details to the point. I am an Indian in the US working as a software lead developer. Recently I got a offer in a company in Poland who would take care of my relocation and work permit etc. I did some R&D on the process and figured out that they first need to file a "promise of work", which needs to be approved. I would then take that to the Polish embassy and get the work visa. Once I get that, I would be able to go into Poland and then I need to get the work permit. The company is still figuring out the details, but I wanted to get an idea if this is how it works.

Also, I would need to know, if I need to get the documents apostilled (I know they need it for countries like Belgium/Netherlands). I searched for this extensively on the net but couldn't find a clear answer if this is a necessity for Poland. Would someone please clarify. Since I am in the US, being an Indian this could be a roadblock for me at the moment. So I would be grateful if someone could clarify.

Also, the general process as a whole, as I described in the 1st paragraph (getting the promise of work, followed by work visa, followed by work permit), is that the right procedure. Any suggestions/advice are highly appreciated

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