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English-speakers' Christmas parties Wed, Dec 18 (Kraków)

The Couchsurfing "Christmas Party" will be this Wednesday, December 18 in Stare Miasto. In theory, I'm the host of this event. I'll be there from 8:10 pm. If this turns out to be just 60 people drinking in a pub like the usual Wednesday Couchsurfing meeting, the host and Christmas may be irrelevant. Anyway...

Most people at Couchsurfing events speak English well. There will be grzaniec for 7 zloties. Also, this pub serves food until about 9 pm. There will be a Christmas-themed game with prizes for anyone who wants to be in a game. And there is a prize for the best Christmas-themed costume. If you want to be in the game, you will need a pen, and to have a chance of winning, you will have to meet everyone else in the game.

This event will be at Alter Ego at Florianska 13. The entrance looks like a log cabin or chalet, but it's at the back of a courtyard so you can't really see it from the street. It's less than a block from the rynek between Trattoria Prima and Diverse. There is a smoking area in the cellar.

Just before that, I will host the English Language Club as I do every Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. We are meeting temporarily at Budda Bar at Rynek Glowny 6 until renovations are finished at the KIK church building where we usually meet. This meeting is for fluent English-speakers. Couchsurfing is not so language-specific.

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