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Hash House Harriers (Kraków)

Hello there!

I have recently moved to Krakow (about a month ago), but the place is familiar to me because i have been here many times in the past. I think it is a great town with all the possibilities to arrange Hash House Harriers - a Drinking club with a Running problem.

I will let you know few more things about it here. It is activity that is for sociable people. It is global and helps people meet each other through interests such as running and as you already figured - fun! There is a Hash (as we call it shortly) in Warsaw and we could arrange it here as well.

Ideally i would like to reach out to those on the forum/in the community that have ever hashed (yep, that is a verb now) before anywhere else in the world. I would like to meet you, join forces and make it work for Krakow.

If you are still reading this - I don't want to bore you more with the long story about what Hash is in essence. It is fairly simple, there is a pre-arranged marked trail (about 5K) that hashers have to run and after that join a circle in the very end and enforce various traditions. But there is much much much more to it! So you just have to check it out! Because it is much bigger fun than it sounds!

So at this point, please leave a comment in this thread:
a) if you have hashed before
b) if you have interest in hashing
c) if you have any questions

Thank you for your attention
On-On ! (term you yet to have to learn about)

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