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Move to Poland (Krakow)

Hello everyone. I'd like to already thank whoever reads and answers/contacts me.
I have so many questions and doubts at the moment. I am trying to apply for a job in this company in Warsaw. Most likely, IF I get hired, they'll relocate me to Krakov. If I don't get the job, I've been thinking about moving there anyways. After all the research I've done, I kinda like what I see. Kinda because I keep hearing/reading about how economy isn't great and it's hard to get a good job. From what I saw, coming from Brazil and putting things in perspective, definitely isn't so bad. But I could be wrong.
A little about me if changes anything: I was born and raised in Brazil. My family is Italian so I have EU citizenship. In Brazil I did Advertising and Mkt, didn't graduate. I was one semester away from graduating in Architecture than I did a exchange program to USA where i got a BFA in film production. I am a very good artist, both normal medias and digital. Speak fluent English and Portuguese. Understand Spanish really well and have notions of Japanese and German. I've worked multiple jobs untill I got what I have now. I was a good server in a restaurant and catering company, Architect assistant and Real State assistant. (those were what I was good at).
I also was a manager on a Grip house (Place that rents film gear) for quite sometime, and now, I am currently working on a solar electric/thermal company and a Funeral Home, where I was on my way of training and studying to become a mortician/funeral director.
I can't stay anymore since my visa is expiring and going back to Brazil is not an option (well, temporarily maybe)>
I can get really good recommendation letters from both companies I work and teachers.
My question/concern is. How hard is it for me to find a job and live a normal life in Poland? All i want is a nice place to live with my pets, safe!!!!!! (that's important), have some leftover money to save and go out eventually, to concerts or plays, have a good computer, eat healthy.. like I said, a normal good life. Nothing fancy.
Can I find a job withing a reasonable time of being there? Even though I don't speak polish yet? *been trying to teach myself with internet.. it's been hard.
I'd really appreciate if anyone could give me some light on the matter. Also, feel free to contact me through Private messages. I'd love to have a good longer conversation about someone from there or that has been living there for awhile.
Thank you so much!
*Sorry for the long text, thank you if you made it this far.

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