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need/demand/opportunity question (Kraków)

Hi Everybody,

Good day. Thank you for reading this.

I am very seriously planning on relocating to Krakow, say by year-end or early in '14.

It's crossed my mind that many expats are in Krakow because of work, are young, and most likely are personal and business growth driven.

My plan is to create the Center for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Growth. I am a serial entrepreneur. I've been commercializing new technologies for 20 years. My background includes law, mba-finance and bba (cpa) degrees. I also was a fireperson and then a member of senior management for a large US holding company. As someone once said, I am no spring chicken. I have lots of hands-on US business experience, though none in Poland.

My questions are -

1) Are there a lot of business resources in Krakow readily available to help people translate their business ideas into reality?

2)Is there a market of people and ideas and a demand for this type of business service?


My best.

Bob Kirschner

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