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10 Year Visa (TalentCorp) vs. Permanent Residency (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello There,

I'm close to my 3 years of residency (currently under an employment visa) here in Malaysia. I'm looking at getting a long-term visa that isn't tied to my current company (for flexibility and security purposes).

Has anyone gone through the process of the 10-Year Visa (via TalentCorp) or getting a Permentant Residency?

It seems that I well quality for the 10-Year TalentCorp visa (Residence Pass), but I would like to know the process - esp. the timing, what helps one's application, and what expedites the process. I've heard some people taking a a few months to half a year to get one. I'm curious of what I can do to strengthen my case.

Also, are there any other visa status I should look at besides 10-Year TalentCorp or PR?

Thank You,


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