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$100 for Malay tutor for eight hours (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi- can anyone recommend tutor in Malay for one day, sometime around the 18th, 19th or20th of this month?

I will be in Kuala Lumpur for just a few days and would like an intensive language session; I've done this before with Cebuano and a few other languages and would like to try it with Malay.

the only requirement is that the tutor is a native speaker of Malay, and can communicate well enough in English. I have all the materials required, so they just need to show up.

Also, can anyone give me an idea if $100 is a good day rate for someone to spend the day with me for up to eight hours learning Malay? I don't really know what the tutor market price is, so any perspective on that would be helpful.



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