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3 Month visit to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Guys,
My Partner & I will be visiting Malaysia for 3 months this August and I was wondering if any one had some advice or suggestions on nice beach area's to stay for awhile.
I'm not such a big fan of city's but do like to have access to local amenity's like a few bars & restaurants, local market & convenience store etc within walking distance.
Basic plan is to land in KL, stay for 5 or so days to get bearings and plan next 'beach' place to visit staying 5 days or so (possibly the Melaka area first & working way up towards Penang) and so on for about a month & then hopefully find a nice place to stay for 2 months in a holiday rental possibly in Penang.
I understand Penang is a nice place to visit & is a holiday destination but I get the impression George Town might be to big for what I have in mind but that Batu Ferringhi would be more to my taste for a 2 month stay, also the same for Melaka being possibly a little big but can find little information on nice smaller places to visit.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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