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A Free Cab Ride To Your Vaccination Appointment (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi! Hope everyone’s well - I realize this is a strange thing to give away, but I made a VLog of my vaccination experience (coz KJ said that we could) - I've wanted to organize a giveaway of some sort on my YT channel for a while now but was never really sure what to give - but here's the video I made of my vaccination experience (Premieres 5pm August 30th, for those of you who can't access it yet):

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And in it you'll see the super qualified vaccination driver to whom I'm super grateful as well as tons of frontliners with whom I'm happy to have had a great experience and from whom I haven't contracted COVID to this day. Video's pretty wholesome, so if you happen to like it and to subscribe as I go on the long journey to 1k, would be a pleasure to serve you more content in the future!

Anyway, figured this makes sense - for the first giveaway on my channel, I'd like to offer a giveaway of a vaccination appointment cab ride (Ok it might be embarrassing if everyone's been vaccinated already LOL) to and back from your vaccination center if you're in the Klang Valley - I think the government does this for senior citizens, but only RM20 max? I will pay in full so please don't worry (although maybe do try not to tell driver to send you to Johor and then back and eat durian and come back then only go to vaccination center ya LOL)

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

1. Subscribe to the channel on Youtube (Make sure your subscriptions are public!)

2. Comment in the video why you're getting vaccinated/
why you want more people to get vaccinated in this country.

3. Get the chance to win a vaccination cab ride (to your vaccination appointment and back) for you
(if unvaccinated) or someone of your choice.

Winners will be chosen from the list of commenters/subscribers on September 16th (Malaysia Day), Protected content . I'll try to contact you in the most convenient way possible - easiest is that we do so through comments on the channel :)

*Within Klang Valley only*

Thank you!!

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