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A peek into my upcoming Valentines ebook (Kuala Lumpur)

A collection of romantic poems written soulfully from the heart that will lift and awaken your senses to feel life. Life is sweet if only we embrace the emotions that make it so! This book serves romance on a silver platter and feeds it marvelously to those who relish it.
Selina Low Hui Pheng – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Would you runaway with me?
We can go far away from this town
Maybe to Venice, or the south of France
Who knows where and how we will be,
So will you............

Now And Then

Once I was your princess
Now you took on a mistress
Once you I cherished
Now you have perished,
From my mind, from what’s left of time.

The Vow

When two people say I do
They’re consenting to love and respect each other
Marriage should be for the older
Who love unconditionally
Good and bad taken in stride
A man will.........................

Knotted Love

Knotted love is all your own doing
This hate feeling I am harbouring
Is all your fault
Just leave me alone
For I have too many things,
On my mind,
The knots..................

The Chase

You break my heart into tiny pieces
Each time you go away
Where will I find the same kisses?
How will I live my days?
Could there be someone like you out there
The way you smile perhaps
The way you................

He Is Crazy

He will put his arms around me
And look into my eyes
And then I’ll understand
He is in love with me
The way he cares, the way he stares

The Best Dance

I asked you to dance
You took my hand
I could feel the warmth
Of your body close to mine
The rhythm of music


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