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Any job vacancy available for local? (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello InterNations, Just wanna ask if there has any job vacancy? Nowadays it's hard to find any job here in Malaysia even the local still didnt find any job after graduated -_- but never mind, how about Babysitter? Animal Trainer? Tourist Guide? Anything...... Actually I'm sooooo bored working as Front Office Assistant / Receptionist for 4 months now..... Just sit waiting the guests, then if there is no guests to check in I just sit at the reception without do anything, how much boring I am... ohhhh really I dont like this job. I just love to do sooooo many works that I can move alot! I just interested in teaching, taking care of the baby and kids, animal training, guiding doesn't really important to me, I mean that I'm not a materialistic lady so I dont mind about the salary I just want to do something or a works that I love.. Please help me! ='(

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