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Apartments in KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all,

I'm new here and hope you'll be able to help me out :)
I am working for a marketing agency that is planing to relocate me to Asia-pacific region, and KL comes at a very top of the list.

I am already planing to go to KL for a short visit in the middle of September, as I'll be in Singapore on a business meeting. I would like to be able to do an estimate of the living expenses in KL, and the housing is, just guessing, the biggest part of it.

I am looking for something with a reasonable price, furnished, but nothing too fancy (I am very artsy, so relaxed spaces are best for me). I will be traveling a lot, so I don't have any preferences regarding the area in KL, but would be great to have an easy access to the public transportation. Again, if not traveling, I'll be working from home, so it's important that the area is relatively quiet.

As for the size, I am looking for something not bigger than 2 bd apartments, (1 bd apartment would be perfect, though) as I'd be alone most of the time, or just with my partner. I would be relocating in as short as a couple of months, so getting info from people with a first hand experience would be great!

Hope this gives you the idea what I need!
Thank you in advance! :)

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