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Banking and Debit Cards (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Guys,

Im having some problems with my current bank (HI Citibank!) and wish to change banks, and I want to ask the experience of the group!

So the main things im looking for are:

1) Visa/Mastercard DEBIT card which can be used online - and has a high daily limit (say 5k-10k RM).

Currently I have found my Visa debit can no be used online (Paypal / / and many more) and this is rubbish! also it has a low limit - so If I could book flights online, I would not be able to plan a big holiday!

2) The bank must be able to do ONLINE telegraphic transfer to any bank in the world. Protected content

My Australian bank can do this (nab) but why can my large international bank not do this!

It means if I wish to send money back to my bank account in Australia - I need to go to a branch! I do not have time to do that!

So..... Tell me who you like - and if they can do what I need?

Thanks in advance!

(oops meant to put in Q&A not towntalk - admin please move =) )

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