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Be A Streamer!` (Kuala Lumpur)

If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade 🙌🏻
Join N&D Entertainment, we have a conducive and integrative learning environment for you once you are on board!

⭕️Having zero- knowledge about streaming!
⭕️Zero joining fee and hidden fee!
⭕️Can start working immediately with just a mobile phone!

We have successfully trained 35 streamers and currently have an active clan that house Protected content members and numbers are consistently growing.

🔥 Benefits of joining us! 🔥
🔥Basic salary system + high commission (No hidden fees)
🔥Can earn up to SGD 3,000 or more
🔥Work anywhere you are + Flexible hours
🔥Incorporating opportunities when the company is expanding
✅We provide free training and viewership to your peers
✅Every month there are events for you to participate
✅Solve problems, handle your enquiries and guide you to do what you should do
You are welcome to join N&D Entertainment family and find out for yourself!
If you have the following attributes we are looking for, Come forward!
Young and energetic!
Not camera shy!
Want to start your career in a live performing arts industry!

Don’t hesitate, join us today‼ ️
Hit us up to have a chat, click the link below!
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