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Bottled Water Supply & Water Dispenser Service (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if any of you using the water dispenser and bottled water delivery service in Kuala Lumpur and can be recommended to me? I mean the 5 gallon/bottle which need to be used together with the water dispenser or cooler.

We are living near KLCC area and looking for reliable supplier to provide the services. When i do my own research with google, the company called - Happy Water Sdn Bhd shows up, and apparently this company has many positive reviews.

Besides that, which is better water between Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis Water and Mineral Water in Malaysia?

Hope to get reply from any of you soon, as at the moment we are drinking smaller bottled water that we bought from the shopping mall which is not really convenient and environmental friendly.

Thank you.


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