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Broga Hills trek - ideal for beginners! (Kuala Lumpur)

A small group of us will be heading out to Broga Hill this Saturday morning for a spot of pre-dawn hill climbing, with the intention of viewing the sunrise from the top of the hill. If anyone's interested in joining, do drop me a message on here or respond to this thread if you're a basic member and have used up your message allocations.

Broga Hill is located out in Semenyih, near Nottingham U. The hill is easy to climb and is rated as 'beginner' by the local hiking groups. Its a popular hiking location so there'll be people there, not as many as usual as there's a UEFA Cup footie game on at 2.45AM, though.

We intend to be there by 6pm, which means leaving KL at about 4.30am latest to make it on time. It's a 45 minute climb to the top, in time to catch the sunrise. Transport arrangements will have to be discussed separately. Following the climb, brekkie/brunch would be in a nearby town.

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