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Can someone recommend a good immigration attorney (Kuala Lumpur)

I have a friend, an American married to an Malaysian woman for the last Protected content . They decided to move back to Malaysia a few months ago (similar to my situation). His visa no problem, a spousal visa for six months, renew for a year and repeat yearly until granted a PR (minimum 5 years, but can be much more).

The problem is that they have a 23 year daughter born in the US, and Malaysia won't recognize the daughter as Malaysian or such. She's currently on a social visa, and wanting to convert it to a student visa. However she's been running in to all kinds of issues. The last thing she was told is that she'd have to leave Malaysia for Protected content while the student visa is processed.

Had lunch today with my friend and he's getting frustrated since they sold their house in the US and basically are ready to set roots down in Malaysia. But until their daughter's situation is resolved they're stuck. It's expected the daughter will probably get married in the next couple of years (she's been seeing a local boy for a while, not ready yet and I wouldn't rush a marriage for the sake of visa), so they'd be happy just to have the student visa processed. She has a BA in Biology, and would like to work towards a Master's at a local university. But she needs help getting the visa processed.

I have no clue on how to proceed and think at this point they need an expert in the area and the family agrees that they probably need an attorney to advise them. But I have no clue here on how to select someone.

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