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crime/safety in KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello to everyone,
my wife and I are planning to move to KL in summer and are both very excited for the new adventure, the new city and new culture.
But then last night, I read a few articles on rising crime in Malaysia and KL.
Therefore I would like to ask you, how you feel about it? Do you feel safe to walk the streets of KL or do you always have to worry about what might going on?

Living in Barcelona now, we are used to pickpockets on the street,in the metro,at the beach.. well everywhere - but most of them happen without any aggression.I recently was sitting in the US Embassy when 5 Families came in and reported that their wallets,bags etc. got stolen.
We are also used to seeing smashed car windows all around the city.
But we still do not fear to go out in Barcelona and are just attentive to our surroundings.

Is this comparable to KL? Or do I have to fear for my health when going to the supermarket,shopping center or just want to spend some nice hours outside?

Thank you already for your advice on this!

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