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Dense Muslim Communities in Malaysia!!! (Kuala Lumpur)

As salamu alaikum/hello
I know a lot of you are looking at the title and thinking "does this person know that Malaysia is predominately Muslim?"lol I do know that much however I am looking for some specifics now. My husband and my son and I want to move to Malaysia in the very near future so I am trying to start researching places to live, immigration laws etc. However, the first thing I wanted to figure out was where there is a strong Muslim community. As a family of strong faith it is very important to us that we live in a community that has Islam present. For example, a place where there are lots of mosques/masjids, activities for Muslim families and children, Islamic schools etc. I don't want to assume that because the country is mostly Muslim that Islam will be on every door step.

I am not sure if Kuala lumpur is the city I need to be in but I was hoping that with this thread I could get some guidance. Or if there has already been a thread that answers this question that would also be great.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to your responses :)

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