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Desparate need for a new home for pets. (Kuala Lumpur)

Morning All,

We've arrived at our new home in KL to some bad news. We have shipped our adored cats from Indonesia but now have just 14 days to find them a new home. Unfortunately while most apartments in KL turn a blind eye to pet cats, ours is the exception.

We have 4 cats, all vaccinated, spayed and chipped. They have their pet passports and a full vaccination record, including rabies etc. The 4 don't need to be homed together, we are just desperate to find them loving homes.

They are

Sidney and Nancy - can be homed separately but they were abandoned together when they were just 2 months old, in a plastic bag on our doorstep. They are now approx Protected content old.

Nancy is very placid, she can be picked and carried but isn't a lap cat, she never bites or scratches and is very placid. She's very calm, likes a stroke and a cuddle and can be dressed up and played with.

Sid is very kittenish. He likes to be picked up and cuddled and is a social kitten. He's happy to be mollycoddled and has a lovely temperament. Sid and Nancy would be perfect for a family, either together or individually.

Molly - approx 2 year old tabby. Can integrate with other cats/ kittens but likes to spend time with people. She won't sit on your lap, but like to be near people and will head over for a nuzzle when she wants affection. She's a very calming and graceful presence. She's very adaptable and would suit any household as she doesn't bite or scratch.

Skanky - just over 2 years old. white and ginger and quite independent. She would suit someone who works long hours as she needs very little attention.Just regular feeding and an occasional stroke. Does (on occasion) gum, rather than bite, for this reason she would be best suited to a single household, rather than one with children.

Please get in touch if you think you can help. We don't have internet yet so can't check this site regularly but I can pick up e-mail. My e-mail is Protected content

Hopeful someone can help.

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