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Driving into Singapore, what's required? (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi all,

I have driven into Singapore before a couple of years ago, but then in a Thai registered car, and I remember having a really hard time at the border checkpoint and literally bribed my way in with the final word from the immigration personnel being "don't have an accident".

Times are different this time as I now have a western Malaysian registered car (JB) and I have been trying to do my homework best I can:

I've had a look here Protected content and am getting a little bit confused with "valid insurance coverage for your vehicle for the duration of your vehicle’s stay in Singapore". Yes, I do have a valid insurance, but do they mean I somehow need "topping up" the insurance so that it's also good in Singapore?

It also is stated that it's required having "an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) – either install a permanent one at IU Service Centres or rent one at Tuas/Woodlands Checkpoints – if your vehicle needs to pass through priced roads during Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) hours", but when looking here Protected content it says something completely different.

If anyone has done a recent drive into Singapore I would really appreciate it if you could share your experiences.


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