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E-commerce advice for quite a novice!? :-) (Kuala Lumpur)

As people here are of all ages & experience, I have a question that lingers on my mind every single day but just haven't found the right person to ask & so I deemed it appropriate to just post it right here.

So, I'd like to ask those (in the field of e-commerce) who have any idea about the following:
My website will be up next month(being jewelry designer) there's a section for a shopping cart & overseas postage will be available. But here's the issue... I am quite not so familiar with how to calculate all of the postage charges & such, so if anyone out there happens to have much knowledge on how to handle such, I'd absolutely appreciate advice. (but I've already implemented the shopping cart feature together with Paypal) but still a bit confused.

Hope this all makes sense... mucho appreciation in advance!!

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