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expat job treatment (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everyone, I am an expat living in PJ and working at a "restaurant and pub". When I was hired, I was told I will be assisting in prep work in the kitchen, assisting the cook with orders and once a month do scrub cleaning with someone assisting. On the first day, the owner had a meeting and all was changed to scrub cleaning every two weeks. I was told cleaning on own, need learn all to do main cook job for his leave and not given any time do the scrub cleaning. The owner boss treats everybody (all expats but the cook, security and bands and dj) like her personal servants and expects everybody promote her business and other things. She recently began threatening everybody's pay because of business being slow and problems with the establishment before she bought the place. The last problem is she does not pay on time. Is this proper treatment of expats working in Malaysia?

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