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EXPATS UNITE!!!!! (Kuala Lumpur)


I am new to KL and have been here for 3 weeks and still finding it hard to meet expats in this city, so..............I have a simple idea rather than just posting about a thought.

I propose that on the 1st weekend of March we (ALL of us KL expats) meet up in a restaurant as it would be suitable for beer, wine, coffee and soft drink drinkers. Perhaps in Bukit Bintang, Bangsar or petaling jaya area's................not strictly defined to just those areas though, just examples and ideas. So to keep it simple, simply say yes/no to the idea, whether you would prefer it on a Friday or saturday and, in what area you would like it.
EXAMPLE: yes, saturday, bukit bintang

Then on March 1st Il make a decision on the exact time and place based on everyones answers and post it up for all to see, then we simply meet up!

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