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Fellow Parents in KL - help please! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello Everyone,

I wrote on this forum about month or so ago regarding a role my husband applied for in Shah Alam.

After thinking it wasn't to be, we ha e received a call and the company want to meet with him.

The role begins in Jan Protected content is ideal as it would allow my seven yr old to finish her school year here in Canberra, Australia.

So with the research we have done we've concluded that sending her to the Australian School and living nearby would mean an hour commute (or more!) for my husband to Shah Alam. We've decided this is too long so are exploring other areas.

From what we can see (correct me if I'm wrong), living closer to Petaling Jaya would mean a much shorter commute for him . . . Protected content ???
As such, I've emailed the Alice Smith School, BSKL and ISKL. These curriculums are different to Australia but at such a young age I'm not too concerned.
So my questions are:

What schools would you recommend? Are there long waiting lists for these?
If we were to go with say AS school or BSKL where would the closest expat communities be?

We'd like to live somewhere gated and safe and with three children would be looking for four bedrooms.

Are there any other parents out there with children at the above schools?

I'm just asking as the recruiter has said the organisation hiring has been let down before when offering the role to a family and then finding they hadn't done their "homework" and declined the role at a late stage.
Is Shah Alam a reasonable or ridiculous commute from the areas I've mentioned? I'm assuming he'd be going against the traffic.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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