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Fundraising for refugees school (Kuala Lumpur)

Education is a basic right and children of all people should have access to schools and given the opportunity to learn. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not a signatory to the Protected content Convention and is not bound by international laws to provide refuge, asylum, jobs and education to refugees. For this reason, refugee children do not have the opportunity to attend public schools and there are not much funds for teachers. The children heavily rely on non-regular volunteers to give them VERY BASIC lessons in English and Math.
Hence there is this refugees center in Kelana Jaya that provides VERY BASIC education for kids from Myanmar, mainly coming from the Chin ethnic. This ethnic group is highly threatened by the government in Myanmar.
So what I'm basically looking forward to is getting some kind of sustainable funding for this center because they barely have teachers teaching them, and they totally lack access to basic systematic education. I have got some ideas but I've never volunteered in the refugees education stuff before and I'm really in need for ideas regarding this! I've arranged some kind of meetings with some other refugees schools here in KL but I could barely get enough information from them because they basically didn't want me to reach their funders for some reason. Anyhow, if you really know some tactics or strategies into working through this, I'll appreciate it if you share it here!
Thanks a lot!

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