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Gender and Racial Discrimination (Kuala Lumpur)


I have been working here in Malaysia for 2 years now and from what I have seen and experienced, their are a lot of expatriate people either studying or working here who are very racist against gender and race. Before I came to Malaysia, though it's a neighbouring country, I never had any idea what kind of culture they have here. But when I came to Cyberjaya, I was shocked and thought "Am I still in Asia or Middle-East?" Almost 90% of the people staying in Cyberjaya are foreign.

During my stay in Malaysia I have experienced the worst kind of racism against gender that I have not experienced from my country or from the western countries I have visited. I have been called a "bitch" in public and at one point a drunk middle-eastern guy grabbed my behind and asked how much I cost. I find this offensive and rude. I try to present myself in a respectable manner at all times, dressing properly, talking politely and so on. After sometime, I found out that most of the girls in my gender are working as street workers in Bukit Bintang, and it made me think that maybe this is the reason why most people thinks that everyone with the same gender as I am are the same. But people should know not to generalize a group of people. I jokingly told my middle-eastern friend "So all middle-easterners are terrorist?" I know it is not a good joke but what I wanted them to realize is that generalizing can hurt an individual.

In accordance to racial discrimination, I have heard a lot of foreign people saying that they hate indians or malays are stupid. When I ask them how they could say this, most of the answers I got is because of the taxi drivers or locals who can't speak much in english. One Iranian guy also said: "Malaysian don't have anything, the time we first used spoons is the time they are still jungle people."
I find this comments really offensive, if a person can't speak english really well it wouldn't mean that he is stupid. I have friends from all walks of life, different color and culture and I respect all of them. It just hurts me when a person makes comments like this. What I am wondering is that, if you hate them that much then why are you in their country?

I am just sharing what I have experienced and seen while I am here in Malaysia. I hope that none of us should discriminate people because of their gender or color.

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