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Go or No Go to Malaysia - 2016 (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi All,

I am considering a job offer for a position in KL. However, after doing some research from mainstream newspaper, youtube, etc there are a lot of skepticism right now about which way the country is heading. Dropping RM, political unrest related to 1MDB case, increasing crime rate, etc. add this all to the mix. As the media always do, they make thinks look worse than actually are. Over the years I tend to doubt what has been said in mainstream media and tend to believe information more from people opinion/experience. Could anyone share your opinion about :

1. Is what the media tells is reflection of what actually happened or is it too much of an exaggeration ?
2. What is general mood from people in business/industry ? Is pessimism fill up the air or people generally optimistic ?
3. If you were outside Malaysia and offered a good job next month, would you take the offer ?

Really appreciate for sharing your opinion about these.

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