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Hi All! (Kuala Lumpur)

Not sure if this is in the right category and i should really have done this a while ago but..
Hi All!

I'm Jacob, new to the KLCC area. Well when i say new i've been here since late October but just been keeping my head down trying to settle in!!

Excited to make the most of my time out here however long/short it is, so will be looking to connect with some interesting people and share in some interesting adventures. I'm into a lot of things as my profile will show and am hoping to do a bit of travelling around money permitting of course.

May have missed the groups on here but i am really interested in target shooting sports, bowling, snooker/pool, exploring new places and playing the drums so im not sure if thats even a possibility out here?!
Also hoping to do some diving this year and get some certifications in this and maybe a bit of skydiving! Who knows!

Anyway if anyone has some good pointers out here or wants to connect then give me a shout! I live in the Bukit Bintang area, 5mins from ChangKat/Jalan Alor and usually found proudly sporting my Stoke City FC shirt while watching the match in SportsBar !!

1 Last thing, i am planning to go to the Slash & Myles Kennedy concert Feb 14th and wondered if there was any group event for this set up or if any other people were going?

- Jacob

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